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Our new initiative is to build elementary & middle school students interest in the field of neuroscience. Many school students come to high school with no knowledge of the medical field. Middle schools offer CTE and business courses, but no medical related courses. Students then dismiss this career path as “boring” or “too hard”. We want to expose middle school students to the basics of neuroscience and demonstrate brain related experiments to them. This will help to grow their interest in neuroscience and eventually pursue a career in the medical field. Elementary students can listen in the sessions.

We will expose the students to neuroscience in two ways:



We will host small sessions with presentations and videos made by us that will teach the students the basics of neuroscience. Our volunteers will demonstrate several brain experiments.


If a student wants to learn more about neuroscience after our session, they can visit our website (http://www.geniusbrain.org/) and take free online courses. These courses will go more in-depth with neuroscience. (Note: this website is still under construction).